Help establish body positive inclusivity for the Muslim woman

The Muslimah is subject to many narratives- a lot of them coming from their own immediate circles. Most of these narratives are based around the notion that she’s not enough. That she’s not sufficient with who she is at this very moment. This is especially true for the Muslimah who doesn’t fit into the conventional mold of the beauty standard. Modestly Cupcake was created for the inclusivity and admiration of Muslim women of all shapes and sizes.

What is body inclusion and WHY is it important?

For decades we’ve been fed that beauty only comes in one standard size, one standard color, and one standard style. This ideology has plagued womankind in catastrophic proportions. It has left the vast majority of the population in disgust with their reflection.

“I’m not thin enough”

I’m not white enough”

“I’m not tall enough”

“I’m not beautiful enough”

But hey! We’re Muslim- so it doesn’t matter right? WRONG. It matters even more. Curvier Muslim women are forced to wear clothing they’re not happy with. Take this recent fan comment for example:

“It’s a funky but fun look! Great job! It’s awesome to be able to rock this as a curvy woman without looking like my nana”

Being modest isn’t a replacement for our natural vanity. We want to feel beautiful. We want to feel accepted. And we want to feel this without compromising ourselves and what we believe in.

The Muslimah struggles with herself on a daily basis. Feeling like she is beautiful and worthy to be alive should never be something she struggles with. She should KNOW that she is true artwork and never second guess it. 

Fashion as an expression

My son asked me why I started Modestly Cupcake and I replied: “When you want something in life and can’t find it you have two choices. The first, is to continue to live without it. The second, is to make it a reality with your own two hands.” 

I, like countless other women, are excluded and shunned for having curvier bodies or having an eclectic ‘non-grandma’ style, and for asking to have clothing we feel confident AND happy in (the audacity)!

Modestly Cupcake delivers that fun quirky style with size inclusion we’ve all been waiting for

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