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A little about me

My story isn’t much different from most Latinos. I come from a strong woman. My mother raised me on her own. We were always dirt poor but we always had a roof over our head and food. She would say “God loves us Vanessa”. I agreed but we never had any religious structure in our household. After I had my son and became a single mother myself, I was soul searching for more out of life. In my mind, there was hope there were better definitions to purpose, existence, and meaning. I set out on my journey to find those answers and found so much more when I discovered Islam. It organized my chaos and soothed my hurt. It gave me answers and empowered me to expand myself. There is no standing idle in Islam. You are always encouraged to be better. To be more. To refine your character the same way you’d refine your craft. It’s a constant evolution of the soul and self.