Fashion industry weaponizing Muslim women?

You’re all well aware how I’m not a fan of the mainstream fashion industry. If you had no idea- I say it loud and proud now: I AM NOT A FAN of the mainstream fashion industry. For decades the industry has waged war on women like myself and have continuously defecated on our self image. By parading only ONE type of woman in front of us, they very clearly stated how inferior they thought we were. 

As a result, We grew up with countless insecurities that affected our day to day in many ways. Our love life took a toll. Terrified of taking off your night robe with the lights on anyone? Social life could have been better. Doing things that didn’t cause us to worry about how our bodies looked was a rare commodity. Life at home would have been more tolerable if family members didn’t keep telling us we’d never find a spouse if we ate that cookie. 

I’m not ugly- their intention is

The image of what is considered “worthy” damaged me and it has taken a damn long time to recover from it. I found new purpose as a Muslim woman. The definition of my existence wasn’t an objectified one- unlike the definition the fashion industry gives women. Sex appeal sells right? Rather, Islam teaches that my heart and the goodness I spread in the world is the pinnacle of true beauty. 

I’m going to have to insert my disclaimer at this point. I, in no way, am hating on any Muslim woman that has made it big in the mainstream fashion industry. To be honest, I’m happy there’s finally some visibility. However- I will not in good conscience say that I’m not in conflict by what’s *really* happening. 

I call b.s on their b.s

You see, it’s hard for me to accept that fashion moguls are including Muslim women in their brand’s rapport out of the goodness of their hearts. Especially since the women they are using STILL resemble the “conventional beauty” standard. The fashion industry puts a woman on the front lines to SELL a product or idea by any means necessary.

Even if those ‘means’ mean telling Muslim women: “this is now the standard of hijab beauty that you need to live up to.” A standard that is set by people who have no problem in objectifying a woman. People who have no shame in saying in every picture they take: “this one’s features are euro chiseled enough to portray” 

Not today shaytan. Not today.

Inclusiveness doesn’t mean assimilating In exchange for visibility. I’m not okay with hijab being manipulated to sell Muslim women an idea that can potentially hurt them. It’s a strategy the industry has been doing to all women since it started. Inclusivity means you accept I am not like you. I am different and I don’t have to mold myself in anyone’s similitude to have a fair chance. Don’t change my narrative to fit your small bubble of what’s acceptable. 

Is it okay that Muslimahs will look in the mirror and feel the pressure to compromise just so they can feel beautiful? Heck no. I’m not judging anyone. I don’t care how any woman goes about hijab or modesty. Everyone has their own definition. But when there’s only ONE image on the market we’re all going to bombarded with thoughts of unworthiness. That’s not friggen cool. I’m not okay with it.

The mainstream fashion industry is weaponizing Muslim women just to tap into the rich and abundant market that we have to offer. They’re doing it under the guise of being progressive and I’m not buying it. Neither should you. 

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